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Hungry Otter

Despite being in decline in many countries, Ireland is still somewhat of a stronghold for the Eurasian Otter and although notoriously difficult to view, you can occasionally get lucky and see them in daylight, particularly on coastal shores. This otter was photographed on a Winter's afternoon on a stretch of coastline near Kinsale in County Cork. It was approaching high-tide when I spotted the otter quite far out, swimming parallel to the shore and occasionally lying on its back to eat small morsels. I followed it's direction for a while and at each dive I positioned myself on the rocks just in case it decided to come in with a larger catch. I thought the chances would be very slim but eventually it swam right towards me with a larger fish in its mouth and proceeded to eat it for a full 5 minutes! I was incredibly fortunate to see it at such close-quarters and especially that it stayed in full view facing towards me as it finished off the fish!